Iris Lewis: Better Handcrafts with Technology

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Early Adapter Iris Lewis combines technology with handicrafts

Iris Lewis uses computer to produce artThe term “early adapter” refers to someone who is among the first in their group to try something new. Iris Lewis first got interested in computers in their early days when she kept accounts at Runaway Hill Club. Today she has her own shop and uses an HP computer and scanner to help create handicrafts for sale. In the picture at right she is scanning in art for use in the key chains perched in front of her computer.

Iris with her dirftwood painting and "cocofish"Iris also produces art the old fashioned way. With the help of her carpenter husband Samuel, she collects driftwood for paintings and creates  “cocofish” from painted coconuts.  She’s always trying something new.

Iris displays junkanoo-themed Christmas ornaments and magnetsIris’s bright and colorful shop, Rainbow Gift Shop, is located on the north end of town just uphill from Gusty’s. “I’m off the beaten track,” she says. But my customers seem to be willing to find me.”  It helps that her shop is near the high point of the island, and thus affords one of the best views of the bay.