My Harbour Island

Everything you need to know about Harbour Island Bahamas

By Robert Arthur and Friends

I’m Robert Arthur, and I’d like to show you my home…

My Harbour Island.

Robert Arthur

My ancestors helped build this place. I grew up  in New York, Miami, and the Bahamas. I was blessed with early success in TV and film. When it came time to raise a family, my wife and I were drawn back to Harbour Island… drawn by village life, historic homes, and a quirky but friendly mix of people.

We run Arthur’s Bakery, where we’re known for our key lime tarts and jalapeno cheese bread. But I’m also the local rep for Coldwell Banker Realty. So this may be the only place you can buy banana pancakes and a beach house.

Arthurs Bakery Harbour Island

Stuff to Do

in Harbour Island Bahamas

Practical Stuff

In Harbour Island Bahamas

Practical stuff

in Harbour Island Bahamas

But wait...

Harbour Island is not for everyone.

Soon, you too may want to call it 

My Harbour Island