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(March 21, 2007) Have you passed by the Harbour Island library recently?  What a treasure!  Several years ago, a group of volunteers undertook the massive task of organizing, cataloguing, and expanding the old library, which had fallen into a sad state after years of neglect.  And what a job they did!  3500 books, and growing!

The scope of the library has broadened in the process, with children’s books, educational games, after-school mentoring programs for children, literacy drives, and a film series.  Some children’s audio books are available, and even a few Leap pad laptops for learning. An intriguing current undertaking is the oral history videotaping project:  Interviews in which Brilanders tell old-time island stories, the kind not found in history books.

But more is needed, and you can help.  Library supporters can help by donating chairs, projectors, audio books and headphones, and their time.  Drop by and ask about volunteering.  The doors are now open 3 days a week (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday), with plans to extend hours and days.  But some of it depends on you.

On the larger wish list is expansion of the children’s room. The library’s Board of Directors is looking into the possibility of a separate room for children with an expanded learning center focusing on reading skills, literature, and adult literacy. The expansion would include 4 or 5 Gumdrop computers that could make use of educational
software that has already been donated. Board member Judy Savage, who spearheaded the revitalization project with her husband Don, says many issues need to be considered, but the addition would be an incredible addition to the community. “These are very basic needs in the community and would be a natural path for the library to take.”