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virtual Arthurs bakery of Harbour Island Bahamas
International lollygaggers at Arthur's Bakery on Harbour Island Bahamas

We like Arthur’s Bakery to be the kind of place folks feel comfortable hanging out: artists, writers, media people, and  international lollygaggers. Because we are also an outpost of the local office of Coldwell Banker, it’s the only place you can buy lunch or a beach lot. And Customers get free Internet Access on our devices or yours. (Note: Avoid BIG charges by turning off roaming on your device; see tips on our page Communicating with Home.)

Speaking of lunch, Check out our menu MENU. You can try some of our popular recipes, or read tart testimonials.

And if you need more details about the Island than you’ve found on this site, just ask. I don’t have a lot of time between running the bakery and showing homes. But I’ll do what I can to get back to you or pass along your question to someone who can help. Just send me a note via our contact form.