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Shopping in Harbour Island, Bahamas, Briland Eleuthera

A few local women carry on the tradition of the prior generation in making hand-crafted baskets and jewelry: Eva’s Straw at the foot of the main dock, Iris’ Shells n’Tings up by Gusty’s, and Farmer Anthony’s daughter’a A&A Hidden Treasures out where he used to farm, just beyond Romora Bay. You should definitely buy straw, shells, or wraps from them to support these local traditions.

Eva’s Straw carrying on the tradition

In a class by itself is Shine. This shop across from the fisherman’s dock is run by artisan/owner Stephanie. Stop by to watch her make the glass jellyfish mobiles dancing in her sunlit window.

Shine of Harbour Island Shine jewels Shine Jellyfish of Harbour Island

Stephanie of Shine
Stephanie at Shine

Most of the rest of the shopping is high-end: gossamer resort wear, glittering shell art, home crafts, and one-of-a-kind pieces pieces made somewhere else but sometimes envisioned here.  Super Model India Hicks lives on the island and brings her inspirations to Sugar Mill at the foot of Government Dock. Below the Blue Rooster is housed in one of the traditional cottages.

Blue Rooster Harbour Island