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Nightlife in Harbour Island Bahamas

Harbour Island drinks signFirst off, forget flashy discos. The hotels might bring in live entertainment in high season. But the bars and clubs on Harbour Island are down-home quirky kind of places where you’ll mix comfortably with the locals.

Sunset on the bay

Catching the sunset as it sinks over the neighboring “mainland” island of Eleuthera is a major highlight of the day. The bayside resorts suddenly get very popular: The Landing, Valentines,  Romora Bay, and Harbour Island Marina. Folks start jockeying for those bayside tables as soon as the shadows begin to lengthen.

After sunset, the trick is to stretch out your dinner until the nightclubs get active at 9 or even 11 o’clock. Here’s the rundown.


New bars by the fishermens dock can bring late night crowds along the north end of Bay street. A street party can form among Harry Os, Beyond the Reef, and Sammy’s Sports Lounge.    The big screen TV at the Reef also packs em in for big sports events.



Sammys Sports Lounge in Harbour Island


From Bay Street, the party moves uphill to Gustys with sand on the floor, a DJ, and a pool table.

Vic-Hum Club

Vic-Hum proprietor with world's largest coconuttourist fantasizes performing at Vic-Hums terazzo prosceniumFrommer’s description of the Vic-Hum as a “dive” only begins to hint at the glorious, unrestrained, ramshackle, faded excess of this place and its larger-than-life owner Humphrey “Hitler” Percentie.  Hitler has long dreamed of turning this mostly-locals place into a tourist attraction. The crowd outside might give you pause, but if you enter the front door on Barracks street and step through the ping pong room into the inner sanctum where Hitler holds court, you can be assured of a hearty greeting, a decent rum punch, and a decor that will bring tears to the eyes of those who yearn for how things used to be on tiny islands.


Daddy D’s

Located right in the center of town next to Arthur’s Bakery, Daddy D’s gets a loyal following of late-night locals and tourists from Nassau. Upstairs from Tropic Hut.




JJ's of BrilandA mostly locals hangout where the in-crowd knows to go to order chicken souse to take home for dinner—or breakfast if you really want to go native.