Arthur’s Bakery

Crown and Dunmore Streets, Harbour Island, Bahamas
Open: 8am –  2pm,  Monday – Saturday
242 333 2285
Custom orders require 24 hours notice


Eggs Bacon Toast

 Eggs cooked almost any style w bacon, sausage, or ham


Veggie Omelette

Eggs with peppers, onion, mushrooms, and tomatoes


Egg Sandwich

On Bahamian, White, Whole Wheat, Wrap, or our Specialty Flavored Breads


Lobster Scrambled Eggs

with Jalapeno Toast


Pancakes & French Toast

Bananna Pancakes

Banana Pancakes

Awesome mix of light Pancake and local Bananas


French Toast

made with our own cinnamon raisin bread.



Bagel and Lox at Arthur's Bkery

Bagel with salmon

capers, cream cheese, and lime on the side


Tuna and grits

Creamy grits with tuna or lobster

Mkt price

Cereal and Sides



With granola, craisins, raw sugar, apples


Cereal and Milk

Choice of breakfast cereals and whole milk


Fruit Salad

Fresh mix of what’s available on the Island


Yogurt Parfait

With fruit filling and granola topping


Potatoes, Grits



Lobster salad on croissant

Cuban Sandwich

Ham, roast pork, cheese, pickles, and mustard, pressed to a crusty perfection


Club Sandwich

Ham, Turkey, Bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato ,onion


Tuna Melt

Cheddar or Swiss Cheese Toasted on Bahamian bread


Lobster Melt

Fresh Bahamian Lobster on Toasted Jalapeño or Herb Bread


Grilled Cheese

Cheddar Cheese toasted on white or wheat bread


Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Hot or Cold on a Bahamas Bread


Turkey Sandwich

on a warm Bahama Bread with lettuce, local tomatoes, mayo, mustard


Ham and Cheese Croissants



chicken ceasar

Jerk Chicken Caesar

Romaine Heart Lettuce with our own Caesar Dressing 


Lobster Caesar

Romaine Hearts with our low fat Caesar Dressing


Breakfast Pastries

Cinnamon sticks

Butter Croissant



filled with apple, pineapple, cherry, blueberry, coconut, cheese, or Guava 


Cinnamon bun

with loads of cinnamon and covered with glaze 


Sticky Buns

glazed with nuts and sugar glaze



Apple walnut, coconut, pineapple, blueberry, and cherry 



Light puff pastry dough filled with apples, pineapple, Guava and blueberry


Cinnamon sticks

puff pastry dough filled with cinnamon sugar with a light glaze


World Famous Donuts

Yes they really are that good 



White Bahamian Bread


Cinnamon Raisin Bread


Coconut Bread

With fresh grated coconut


Jalapeno Cheese Bread


Herb Bread

with Oregano, Thyme, Onions, Rosemary, Parsley


Honey Wheat

coarse ground whole wheat with a touch of Andros Honey


French Bread



custom wedding cake

Chocolate Cake

Home-made Chocolate with Chocolate Icing and your choice of decorations.
8 inch or 10 inch 


Rum Cake

Home-made Yellow Pound Cake soaked with Our Blend of Island Rums 


Carrot Cake

whole or by the slice 

Slice $3.50

Cheese Cake

Made with Whole Milk Cream Cheese


Cup Cake


Pies & Tarts

Fruit tart

Key Lime Pie



Fresh fruit and Key lime



coffee at Athur's bkery


Fine cafe Pilon coffee 



steamed milk, frothed milk, and espresso. 


Cafe Latte

espresso and steamed milk 


Cafe Con Leche

Espresso brewed with sugar with heated milk.



Espresso topped with a dollop of frothed milk 


Cafe Mocha

Espresso with steamed milk and chocolate syrup. 


Cold Beverages

Iced Coffee

Just what it says with good espresso coffee



Apple, orange, grapefruit, and cranberry



Iced and Flavored

$2 / $3


Fresh fruit, juice or milk, ice. Blended into a smooth mixture