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painters on Harbour IslandThe beauty of Harbour Island inspires both visitors and residents. You’re likely to see visitors in large-brimmed hats enjoying “plein air” painting, their easels propped against quaint fences or palm trees. Indeed, many artists of international repute have been drawn to Harbour Island. Their work is featured locally at the Princess Street Gallery, a little gem in a historic house on Princess Street. See our story of the gallery and its owner, Charles Carey, here.

But long before the island was discovered by the jet set, noted local artist Eddie Minnis was creating iconic paintings of its  charming cottages and vistas.  Below is Eddie’s “King Street.” It shows a lane you’ll want to take your time strolling.

King and Crown Streets by Eddie Minnis


Eddie Minnis paints
Noted local artist and Eddie Minnis

Eddie taught family members how to notice what was most beautiful to them and to capture it on canvas. His daughters Roshanne and Nicole and his son-in-law  Ritchie Eyma each developed uinque styles for the scenery, the buildings, and the people here. They joined Eddie in a virtual gallery at, each developing a following.

Consider packing some paints or a sketch book. Your biggest problem will be deciding which direction to face.