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Media shoots on Harbour Island, Bahamas

film shoot at Harbour Island bahamasOur combination of turquoise waters and quaint architecture draws film crews from around the world.  Last month we had one crew shooting for Talbots clothing and another shooting the cover of Oprah’s new book.

Fashion shoots such as the one shown at right especially can’t resist posing by the driftwood tree in Girls Bank.

Mr. Saunders fruit & veggies of Harbour Island bahamasIn the remaining photos you see a crew working to shoot a TV commercial for Target’s spring clothing line a few years back. When they used Mr. Saunders vegetable stand to film a sandal amidst his limes, locals got a laugh to see them change his sign to “Fruit and Veggies.” (Mr. Saunders has since changed it back to “Vegetables”).

producer places sandal among limesIf you caught the final commercial you saw a millisecond flash of a model leaning against a shutter of the old Briland Bakery down by the fishermen’s pier.

film crew surrounds veggie stand at Harbour Island Bahamas
film crew shoots sandal among limes

If you drop by the Vic Hum club, ask proprietor “Hitler” Percentie to show you his collection of magazine ads taken on the island. And if you need to book a shoot, talk to Dake Gonzalez over at Island Services.

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