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(October 2019) Our website launched in 2001, and version 2 made us mobile in 2014. Now we’re releasing 3.0 with a more full-featured rentals section, a bakery menu, and design improvements throughout. Through it all, frequent visitor Teri Murphy has been our chief designer. She has just retired from teaching web design. And this time she had help in the new rentals section from her former student-turned-teacher-himself, Gerhard Treiber.

Teri asked me at the start of this upgrade if I wouldn’t prefer some hotshot designer from a big agency. “Naw,” I said.”We like to keep this among friends.”

We know we’ve got more updating to do. We don’t like to rush around here. But let us know if you see something amiss. Pictured above is version 2 which this upgrade replaces.